Month: May 2014

May 25: Prayer School: Intercessory Prayer

In this final teaching of the Prayer School series we bring together all of the kinds of prayer we’ve studied so far.

Intercessory Prayer is not something to be taken lightly. It is an important business. However, all of the members of the Body of Christ are called to be involved in intercession in one form or another. In fact in ITim 2:1 Paul instructs Timothy, a young pastor he ordained that the FIRST thing he needed to do and therefore WE likewise need to do is pray for our leaders.

This prayer is an apolitical action; it does not require you to be a supporter of the particular group holding the power. It is also a very good way to learn how to keep your flesh under control; especially if you do not like what the government are doing. Instead, it is the way that you can enable God to have the changes made that are required for you to live peaceful and successful lives in this world.

A key to success in this form of prayer is the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in “Other Tongues.” This is because when you come to the point where you have exhausted your personal knowledge about how to pray for an issue the Holy Spirit provides the ability and the language of perfect prayer to continue to  “Ever liveth to make Intercession on our behalf.” Heb 7:25 

Image: “Intercession Through Worship” by Kathy Brusnighan, Greensboro, NC – United States

Additionally, as Praying in the spirit is the gateway to experiencing the other gifts of the Spirit, the use of this ability provides a way for God, by his Holy Spirit, to show you, or inform you about what you have been praying for and also giving you the unction to either continue or to inform you of success.

One of the most important principles behind Intercession is an understanding that the things that we perceive with our senses; that which we see and feel were given birth, originating in the spirit realm and brought to fruition by the Force of Faith. Heb 11:3 

Throughout the Old and especially the New Testament we learn that it is the responsibility of human intercessors to provide the access that God needs to be able to make the changes necessary for his people in this world. Anyone who has been born again, any revival that has occurred, any miracle that happens does not ‘just’ happen. All have been given birth to in the spirit first.

Intercessory prayer changes lives, helps us to grow in spiritual matters and enables us to mature as believers as we are forced to take our eyes off of ourselves and what is happening in our own lives and to concentrate on what is happening for others.

Everyone can and should be an Intercessor. But, not all are called to the ministry of the Intercessor. It is a high calling that requires a great deal of faith and a deeply intimate relationship with God. The ministry is done in private and out of public view. But, every public endeavour that gives glory to God has an intercessor, or team of intercessors to thank for the hours and days of prayer they have put into the birthing of that endeavour.

As I’ve said previously in this series, it is important for prayer to be successful that the desired outcome is thought about and based on the word of God. This is to ensure that there can be agreement, that everyone can be praying for the same outcome and not simply be spraying the heavens with un-targetted prayer bullets.

Since faith is the result of hearing and meditating on the Word of God by ensuring you have the word backing you, then you can be confident that you are praying in line with the will of God and can appropriately apply and see your faith as it is applied and put to work.

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 Intercessory Prayer

To assist you to pray effectively, with your understanding, in line with the Word of God, for the leaders of the nation I have provided a copy of the Prayer Sheet: “Prayer for the Leaders of Our Country” I would advise printing a copy of this 2 sided A5 prayer sheet, possibly laminating it and keeping it with your bible and your note book for your prayer time. To download the Prayer sheet click on the following link.

Prayer For The Leaders Of Our Country


May 18: Prayer School: Quiet Prayer, Silent Prayer and Not So Silent Prayer

If you gain nothing else from this message the listener should come away with the understanding that God, Our Father, is not into guilt and condemnation. That this Grace applies to the believer’s prayer life as much as any other aspect of their life.

Through reading the word we can discover the purpose and operation of order in the believer’s public and private prayer life. As well as a deeper understanding of Paul’s classic teaching about prayer in 1 Corinthians.

Praying WomanQuiet Prayer and Silent prayer have often been criticised in Charismatic, Pentecostal and Evangelical circles in the past. But, there is a time for Quiet Prayer and Silent Prayer. As well as a proper place for  “Not So Silent Prayer.”

In preparation for learning about Intercessory Prayer these three kinds of prayer need to be considered to equip the pray-er’s arsenal.

Neither God, nor the devil are deaf and as a tool to defeat Satan, silent prayer can certainly be effective. However, how can others ad their “Amen!” of agreement if they haven’t heard what has been prayed.

Striving will not bring results and spiritual warfare doesn’t always have to be loud. However, to have the greatest effect in our prayer life we need to allow ourselves to appreciate the ‘Rest’ that God has to offer to anyone who will accept it.

John 3:16 has so much more to offer than we have ever allowed ourselves to understand. For a pray-er’s prayer life to develop, a period of return to this precious message is not only essential. But, it will provide a deeper revelation about the whole reason we need to pray in the first place. Great Grace is on offer, so that we can then become instruments of that same Grace to others.

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 Quiet Prayer Silent Prayer and Not So Quiet Prayer

Image: “The Praying Woman” Courtesy of The Praying Woman on Facebook

May 11: United Prayer

United prayer is often misunderstood because, as human beings we like to pin things down; to pigeonhole them; so that we can look like we know what we are talking about.

However, united prayer draws upon one of the very important and difficult to demonstrate mysteries of God. The concept of a loving God who can be everywhere, know everything and exhibit authority in more than one place at a time is the kind of stuff that causes pour human minds to do a double-flip.

This mystery becomes much more plausible in our God given imaginations.

United Prayer

Particularly in this age where science has developed to the place where the concept of Time and Space and its related dimensions; the realm that we human beings inhabit; does not constrain our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God.

This is one of the places where Faith and science interact to demonstrate how amazing God really is.We look at the power that is made available through our united voices; the concept of practising the presence of God and we blow apart some of the  mythology that hides the true nature of prayer; making it appear inaccessible, yet so important for our success in this life.

How important is the Praise and Worship service? When you consider the importance of this part of the meeting you may find you look at “all that singing and clapping” in a very different light.

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United Prayer

May 4: The Prayer of Worship

This week we examine the role and purpose of worship in the life of the believer.

It is important to understand the distinction between Praise and Worship. Although these are not meant to be a set of legalistic rules that constrain. Rather, the intention is provide a clearer understanding of the different phases we can move through in both our personal and our corporate prayer life.

Worship provides a distinct opportunity to minister to the Lord himself; to come into his presence for no other reason than to simply honour and thank him for all Worship 1that he has done in our lives. We do not enter into worship looking at what we can get. It is in fact centred around an attitude of being attentive to and spending quality time with our father.

Sometimes worship can be more about the stillness than what is said. It is about simply basking in the presence of God; soaking; being immersed in the opportunity to spend time in the peace of God.

In the Old testament one of our best examples of the changes that can occur, even physically is the story of Moses. After spending 40 days in the presence of God on the mountain and coming down with the tablets bearing the commandments Moses face was so transfigured that the people could not look at it.

Now, under the New and Better covenant we have become the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and are transformed outwardly in our actions and our words by virtue of the time we spend in God’s presence.

Be renewed, strengthened and learn to be effective as a believer by spending that time practising the presence of God in Worship. You won’t regret it.

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 The Prayer Of Worship