May 11: United Prayer

United prayer is often misunderstood because, as human beings we like to pin things down; to pigeonhole them; so that we can look like we know what we are talking about.

However, united prayer draws upon one of the very important and difficult to demonstrate mysteries of God. The concept of a loving God who can be everywhere, know everything and exhibit authority in more than one place at a time is the kind of stuff that causes pour human minds to do a double-flip.

This mystery becomes much more plausible in our God given imaginations.

United Prayer

Particularly in this age where science has developed to the place where the concept of Time and Space and its related dimensions; the realm that we human beings inhabit; does not constrain our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God.

This is one of the places where Faith and science interact to demonstrate how amazing God really is.We look at the power that is made available through our united voices; the concept of practising the presence of God and we blow apart some of the  mythology that hides the true nature of prayer; making it appear inaccessible, yet so important for our success in this life.

How important is the Praise and Worship service? When you consider the importance of this part of the meeting you may find you look at “all that singing and clapping” in a very different light.

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United Prayer