Sunday Meetings

Open Arm Fellowship Healing 10x2a


The early church expected Signs, Wonders and Miracles follow the Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God.

So do we! Jesus said that we were to proclaim the Gospel and that he would back it up. (Mark 16:15-20)


That he is NOT Holding the sins of Anyone in the world against them. (2Cor 5:19-20)

Faith can only grow when the Word of God is taught (Rom 10:17). The Four Gospels demonstrate that Jesus’ own practice was to Teach, Preach and then Heal (Matt 4:23 & 9:35).

In other words he taught until he perceived that the people had heard and developed sufficient Faith to be in a place to receive their healing.

At Open Arms we teach the Word of God and the truth about God’s willingness to Heal ALL who come to him, In Faith, believing that it is His Will that they be healed.

Come and get the truth about God’s ability to heal today, just as he did at the beginning of the life of the church. Healing did not peter out when Peter petered out.

“This same Jesus,…is the one who made this man to walk. It is not by us. But, it is By His Name and Faith in His Name that this man is able to walk, as you see before you.” (Acts Chapter 3)

Come and hear the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus the Christ, the Nazarene.