Month: October 2015

  • October 25: Christ the Healer Week 6: “Take The Next Step”

    This week’s teaching on healing is entitled “Take the Next Step”. In this message we look at the fact that prayer and crying out to God is not sufficient to receive the healing, or any other thing we are wanting to receive from God. Instead, it involves a need for us to DO something about […]

  • PRIDEFEST 2015

  • October 18 Week 5: Christ the Healer Series

    Week 5 Healing in Salvation     Salvation as used in the New Testament is derived from the greek: σωτηρία – soteria (pronounced so-tay-ree’-ah) means to provide rescue or safety, deliver, health, salvation, save, saving; welfare, prosperity, deliverance, preservation. All of these dimensions are contained within the kind of salvation that Christ provided, freely through the final, […]

  • Christ the Healer Series

    Our Current teaching series: Looks at a the present day ministry of Jesus, healing and ministering, just as he did 2000 years ago in Israel. Over the life of this series of teachings we will be looking at the 19 different individual cases where Jesus healed those who came to him. Also we will see the […]