March 8: Covenant of Blood – Covenant Faith

We touched on the importance of having Faith in the covenant before it is possible to live by and act on the rules, guidelines, or laws that govern the covenant agreement you have.

In particular, it is important to know what expectations your agreement agreementplaces upon you, as someone who both benefits from  and has obligations to that agreement.

A good example is the covenant you might establish with a bank to borrow some money. You will establish the reason for making the loan. The bank will want to know what surety you have of being able to pay back the loan and they will look at your ability to service the debt; long before you ever see the money in your bank account.

You will have discussed the repayments and both the amount and frequency  that you are obligated to make, on time, to keep you in right-standing (righteousness) with the bank. You will receive the benefit of the use of the money loaned to you, for the purpose you have stated.

However, should you abuse the trust placed in you by the bank and use that money for a different purpose. Or, if you should default on making the obligations you agreed to upon gaining the loan, then you will have also been made aware of the penalties that will be applied for falling out of goodMoney standing with the bank (Sin). A record of the frequency of missing the repayments, or the abuse of trust in relation to the use of the funds, will be recorded and a rating established.

Should you ever go to secure a loan at some point in the future they will bring out and access your previous record to establish whether you are a good risk.

The wonderful thing about our covenant with God, is that the price, the penalty has already been paid; by Jesus himself. This does not create an excuse to go out and abuse that Great Grace. It cost Jesus his life, blood and separation from the Father and should not be considered lightly.

At the same time, he has provided a way for us to be re-established in right-standing with the Father if we do sin. But, it is our job to renew our minds with the Word of God. With the truth contained in our covenant agreement.

in doing so we will get a better idea of the image God has of us and that in turn will modify and create a new way of living out our obligations contained in Our New and Better Covenant; built on Better promises.

Blank ParchmentAnd, unlike the banks, the Father removes all memory of our breaches of the covenant, for his sake, not for ours. He wipes our record clean, each time we repent.



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Covenant Faith