February 15: Covenant of Blood – Covenant Practices

This series of teachings is designed to provide a mature understanding of the amazing story regarding how we got the Bible, that we often take so much for granted, into our hands.

Contract_with-_Seal_XLUnderstanding that it is the record of all of the covenants leading up to and culminating in the final, eternal, covenant between God and Humanity, established by, and maintained by Jesus Himself will change the way you relate to the document that you are so privileged to hold in your hands.

Religious and unscrupulous men have fought to prevent it being available to the people. Ages of human history darkened by the restriction of access to the texts, hidden away in monasteries and guarded by vows of silence and an air of secrecy.

Reputations have been lost; lives taken and political and internationalGuttenburg Press alliances destroyed as this sacred text was dragged out into the open and translated into the common tongue.

Sadly, a total lack of understanding of the nature and the importance of what ‘civilised’ folk regarded as ‘Barbaric’ and even ‘Heathen’ practices of Blood Oaths and Blood Covenant agreements has led to a place in the Church’s history, where as Jesus rebuked the pharisees; we have allowed “the Law and the Prophets to become, of no effect.”

In this time the Holy Spirit is bringing to the fore the renewal of an understanding of the Power and Authority contained within the leaves of these documents. The revival of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit has inspired the 5 fold ministry to rise up and begin teaching, once again. The importance of understanding the importance of the Covenants of Blood. Or rings w backgroundas they are known in the East; the Covenants of Strong Friendship.

In this message we look at the processes undertaken in the making of such an agreement. Taking the elements one by one and demonstrating the significance of passages of scripture that hither to now has been lost.

Be empowered as you listen to and read your bible in a new light that will change and strengthen your relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I will say it again: “You’ll Never Be The Same Again!”


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Covenant Practices