Month: March 2015

  • March 29: Covenant of Blood – Covenant Words

    The ability to have confidence in, and the ability to stand on, your covenant with God, is not something that falls on you like ripe cherries off a tree. It doesn’t happen automatically. Faith, Simple faith is something every person has to be able to live their everyday lives; to be able to sit on a chair, […]

  • March 22: Covenant of Blood – The Covenant and the Gospel are One

    The Bible that we hold in our hands, keep on the coffee table, lives in our bookcase and occasionally gets browsed through, is quite new; relatively speaking. Yet we refer to it as the scriptures. We call it the Word of God, some have even come to the point of being afraid to mark it, […]

  • March 8: Covenant of Blood – Covenant Faith

    We touched on the importance of having Faith in the covenant before it is possible to live by and act on the rules, guidelines, or laws that govern the covenant agreement you have. In particular, it is important to know what expectations your agreement places upon you, as someone who both benefits from  and has […]

  • March 1: Covenant of Blood – A Dynamic Covenant

      Dynamic, a word that originates from the Greek word Dunamis. It is also where we get the origins of the word Dynamite. It refers to EXPLOSIVE power, or an excitable release of energy that changes the state of things around it. In the Bible the word is translated Power and often refers to the “Power […]

  • February 22: Covenant of Blood – A Living Covenant

    To be able to live effectively, in this world, we need to understand that there is both a Legal and a Vital aspect to our redemption by Jesus Christ, available under the new Covenant. While it is possible to be aware that we are legally redeemed, unless we actually act upon that salvation, that has […]

  • February 15: Covenant of Blood – Covenant Practices

    This series of teachings is designed to provide a mature understanding of the amazing story regarding how we got the Bible, that we often take so much for granted, into our hands. Understanding that it is the record of all of the covenants leading up to and culminating in the final, eternal, covenant between God […]

  • February 8: Covenant of Blood – God’s Covenant With Abraham

    God Was searching for a man with whom he could establish his plan of redemption in the Earth. Abram, a moon worshiper in the city of Ur of the Chaldeans became that man. God announced to him that he Is El Shaddai, the God who IS God over all and The ALL SUFFICIENT ONE. Persuaded, […]