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June 29: Hindrances To Healing part 2

As we discovered last week one of the greatest hindrances to people receiving the healing that God provides is unforgiveness.


More than anything else in the believer’s walk  unforgiveness will hinder every area of life as it restrains and blocks the ability for God’s grace to be fully experienced. One of the main reasons it is a stumbling block is the level of pain, either psychological, physical or even spiritual that is experienced by the one holding unforgiveness in their life. The cause of the pain may be a slight, an injury to ones feelings, it can be imagined, actual and in some cases deliberate.

I many cases the person to whom the unforgiveness and resentment, or bitterness is aimed may be totally oblivious to the injury that has been sustained; as a result they have no knowledge that there is an injury to make right. The person holding onto that unforgiveness may see their target getting on with their lives as if nothing has happened and perceive that they do not care; or that they are twisting the knife they feel in their gut. In reality they are the ones twisting the knife as they hold onto their self-pity.

In some instances, where the injury is in fact real and even though reconciliation and restitution has been attempted the person holding the unforgiveness may be doing so, out of fear that if they do allow it to go they will no longer have a sense of purpose; a sense of self. As a result they find that they may have held onto the bitterness for so long that they cannot imagine life without it. This is a very difficult situation to try to resolve; the person needs to develop a want to want to let the pain go before there can be any movement.

Sadly, there are instances where a person is holding unforgiveness toward a person who is using it to manipulate that individual, through their sense of guilt. They know that the person bears them ill will and use it for their amusement. Thankfully these people are few and far between. But, we have to be aware that the situation can exist; especially when we move in to offer healing prayer for someone and they don’t appear to receive.

One of the hardest forms of unforgiveness to eradicate is that which is held against yourself. Too often the person can forgive everyone else for what they may, or may not have done to them. But, there is no way that they can forgive themselves. They will fight you tooth and nail to hold onto their belief that they cannot and should not be forgiven. This can lead to some very serious mental disorders and has been the thing that has caused many, in the past, to be institutionalised believing they have committed “the unforgivable sin.”Barriers

Wrong Teaching:

Based on theology rather than on the word of God religious doctrine can and has robbed many of their healing. Jesus had to deal with a fair amount of this in his ministry. He often rebuked the religious leaders for not following through on the healing messages and the processes whereby the children of Abraham should have been free from sickness and disease. His scolding led them to hate him all the more as he reminded them of the duty they had failed to perform; making the word of God “of none effect.”

Wrong Believing:

Robs far too many of God’s children in every area of their lives. But, it is most apparent in the area of health. Wrong teaching suggesting that God is the one making them unwell, or trying to teach them something through their suffering leads them to believe that God is the source of their disease and negates any opportunity for them to receive what is theirs by inheritance.

Wrong thinking:

Also leads to the development of doubt and unbelief and double-mindedness in those who hear a message about the healing power of God. A part of them wants to believe, but their thoughts outweigh the argument going on inside their mind and silences their heart that is trying to accept the healing on offer. As James Said: A Double-minded man is unstable in All his ways.” James 1:5 – 8.

All of these combined bring the person who desires to walk in the fullness of what God has to offer them, in this life and leads to:

Wrong Speaking:

We are ruled by the words of Our mouth (Prov 4:20). They can either convey hope and faith. Or, they can deliver doubt and unbelief and rob us of the blessings that God has in store for us. As Zig Ziglar says: “The man who says he can and the man  who says he can’t, are both right.” Our words can either reinforce the teaching, believing, thinking and further speaking that comes out of our own mouths and snares us. Jesus said it clearly: that Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”; or “Out of the treasure of a man’s heart the mouth speaks.” We will eat the fruit of our own words and it takes dedication, time and effort for us to bring our tongues under control.  But, it is truly worth the effort.

The other two areas most commonly that provide a hindrance to receiving healing from God is Unconfessed sin; that causes us to feel unworthy to receive anything from God. The other is a Lack of Preparedness to receive from God. We really do need to build up our faith by feeding our mind and our spirit on the promises that God has made to his people regarding his desires for our health; as well as every other area in our lives.  In both cases there are times when God will ensure that the individual receives their healing as a witness to his power and generosity. This is why Healing is often referred to as “God’s calling Card.”  However, these kinds of signs and wonders are usually to draw attention to the fact that he is present and is more often seen in evangelism of large groups of people with NO knowledge of God.

There are other hindrances that can stop someone from receiving all that God has for them. But, these are the most common and most frequently encountered. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the FACT that Healing is God’s will for his people.

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Hindrances To Healing Part 2

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June 22: Hindrances To Healing part 1

It is always God’s will that his people be healed.

When we pray for someone’s healing Jesus has promised that the healing would be there for them.

However, even Jesus could do no mighty work in his own home town; except heal a few minor ailments. Yet, in Acts 10:38 we are reminded that “God annointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil. For God was with him.”

So, in this simple phrase we are given both the source of all sickness and we are also given insight to God’s will regarding sickness and disease; because we know that Jesus was the complete expression of the will of God.

Yet, there are those who do not receive the healing as promised. Or, worse still, are those who receive their healing, but lose it soon after receiving it. Why?

The favoured position of the religious, not dissimilar to the position of the pharisees in Jesus day; is to say that: “Healing has passed away. It was needed for the early church. But, God wants to teach his people and uses sickness and disease.”

Well, that sounds more like an excuse to me than anything else. A reason dressed up in a lie, is still a lie. Because, if that were so, then Jesus is a liar, God is a liar and all of the writers of the New Testament are liars. To say that God is an unchangeable God, yet he doesn’t heal today is a contradiction.

HurdlesWell, the truth is that God hasn’t changed, Jesus is the same today and the Holy Spirit is no liar. God heals and desires good health for all his children today. But, that doesn’t answer the question as to why some get healed and others don’t.

As we study the Word of God we start to get a better understanding of how and why healing comes in the same way as any other gift from God comes to us; by faith.

So, like everything else we receive from God, we need to be aware that there are things that can block our ability to receive from God. In this teaching we consider some of the more common hindrances to healing and also ways to overcome and defeat them; so that we can live the abundant life that Jesus said he had come to bring us in John 10:10

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Hindrances To Healing Part 1

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June 15: They Came, Saying….

Throughout the Old and New Testament we are reminded that the very words of our mouth frame our expectations and create the world around us; the world we live in. God spoke to Moses and laid the issue out before him that he needed to let the people know: that, death and life are before you to choose.

Your free will provides you with the right to determine how you will exist. In Proverbs 18:21 we are reminded that  our very mouths govern us. That we will eat the fruit of our mouths to good or to evil. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue……” God even gives us the right answer in case we can’t make up out minds: “choose Life.” Simple really.

Zig Ziglar, one of the worlds better known motivational speakers summarised it by saying: “The man who says he can and the man who says he can’t are both right.” they will eat the fruit of their labours.

Likewise, we are reminded by James,  the Lord’s brother, in chapter 3, that the tongue, like the rudder of a ship, though it is a very small part, it has the ability to steer the ship this way, or that. Also that the tongue has the ability to set a matter alight with the fires of Hell itself. Such is the power of our words.

When it comes to healing we need to be aware that our words can bring health and healing or they can bring poison and sickness into our lives. With the exception of maybe one case, in the ministry of Jesus, we find that those who received their healing did so as a direct result of releasing their faith through their words.

the Woman with the issue of Blood, the lepers who came crying out to Jesus, the Syrophoenician woman who begged for the crumbs beneath the table, Jairus pleading for his daughter and the Centurion asking Jesus to heal his Lover. In all WOMANWITHISSUEOFBLOOD.jpg~originalof these cases they came to Jesus saying something; declaring their expectations. Their faith came out of their mouths and Christ responded to their faith.

Jesus even said that “it is not what goes into the belly that defiles. But, what comes out of the mouth. and “that men would have to account for every idle word.”

Don’t panic just yet. God, who is merciful, is very aware that it takes time and effort to tame the tongue. He also provided a way for us to be able to ask and receive forgiveness when we do fall. However, we are told we need to ‘grow up, in him.’ So, although we need not become paranoid and obsessed with our words, perhaps we need to take the time to think, before we speak them.

It is not as simple as “name it and claim it” as critics of the people of faith would have you believe. Yes Jesus said in Mark 11:23-24: “You shall have whatever you say.” It’s true. But, there are a number of conditions applied to this operation of Faith.

One of those conditions is revealed in the next 2 verses; Mark 11: 25 -26: “AND if you have anything against anyone FORGIVE….” and it doesn’t just stop there. “Because, if  YOU DO NOT FORGIVE…….Then your Father in hHeaven WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU.”

The precondition for you to receive ANYTHING from God , particularly healing, requires YOU to ACT first. Notwithstanding the FACT that God has already done all he has to do and has provided ALL you need by his Grace. But, YOU have the ability to block the blessings of God flowing in your life.

There are plenty of documented case of people who were dying of Cancer who when they began to deal with the unforgiveness in their hearts and their lives that have enjoyed a healthy recovery; both Christian and Secular.

Unforgiveness, at a spiritual level eats away at your heart like a cancer anyway, clouding and interfering in all aspects of life. It is not worth the heartache and the pain that it causes. Remember that the target of your unforgiveness may not have any clue about what you harbour against them. Simply because unforgiveness affects and ties YOU up in knots; no-one else.

It comes back to that simple statement, requiring a decision, from Deuteronomy 30: 19


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 They Came Saying

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June 8: Healing Belongs to Us

A great big thank you to all of those who visited with us today at Sunday’s worship service. We had Praise and Worship, Cake and most importantly the Word.


ist Anniversay group

This is the wonderful group who joined us to day for Our First anniversary celebration

The true church will stand up and emerge from amongst the religious denominations, groups and sects that are across the globe.


They will be the people that you will see and know that they are a part of the Body of Christ because they will be, as Paul puts it in Ephesians 5: 1, imitators of Jesus  in the manner of children who hold a member of family up as their model to achieve.

Like our mentor, Jesus, in Acts 10:38, we need to be aware of our role to:

1. be anointed with the Holy Spirit and with His Power.

2. To do good; to act on that anointing.

3. Heal all of those oppressed of the devil.

Galations 3: 13 -29 reminds us of the Grace provided to ALL believer’s through Calvary. This inheritance including the blessing of physical healing. As well as God’s personal protection from any and all the diseases include in the book and well as those not recorded there.

Healing is often referred to as “God’s calling card.” This is a nice sentiment. But, unless the church starts to stand up and take its place in sharing the grace of God; the real message of the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ. Then, the harvest of people crying out for their needs to be met, will be met by those counterfeit forces that will distract and eventually rob, kill and destroy its pundits.

The whole world is waiting for the Body of Christ to stand up so that they can see the truth of what God has to offer and be drawn to him.Healing_the_Sick031

Healing belongs to us, the body of Christ. By inheritance. By promise, By the redemptive work of Jesus. To not turn to God in your time of need, even while using modern medicine is to neglect the true source of ALL healing. Jesus himself said that “Healing is the children’s bread.” Anyone who came to Jesus looking to be healed received their healing. Some even returned to say thank you.

Why live under the curse when you are entitled to the blessing?

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Healing Belongs To Us

CELEBRATION SUNDAY: June 8 will be our first Anniversary Celebration

Sunday June 8 marks the first anniversary of the start of Open Arms Fellowship.

It has been a wonderful year ministering to and sharing the Word of God here in Perth.

Many people have come through the doors at 24 View St North Perth over thatheart_311369 time and I would like to take the opportunity to invite them, their friends and family members to join us on Sunday for a thanksgiving and healing service.

The message will continue the teaching on God’s desire to Heal. It would be wonderful if those who have helped to pray and encourage this ministry over the past year could join us.

Come one come all.

Pastor Graham

June 1: “And Jesus Healed Them ALL”

Sadly the recording of this message did not work. However, we will be continuing on the theme of Healing, and God’s will for his people to be well over the coming weeks.


This is a brief synopsis of today’s message.

Anyone who ever came to Jesus and asked for healing, or approached him with their heart filled with and a corresponding action of faith that he could heal them received the healing they sought.  Jesus himself said to them “be it done to you according to your faith.”

In his own home town it seems that he was unable to do any mighty work except to heal a few minor ailments. It would appear that their their familiarity with that boy, Jesus; Mary and Joseph, the carpenter’s son, had bred an inability to receive anything from God that Jesus had to offer them. I caused them to miss out on all that God had to offer to them.

Autumn-LeavesThis week we began looking at the subject of healing. We will continue over the coming weeks to look at this greatly misunderstood subject. Too many of the family of God live with sickness and disease that diminishes their witness, to the world, regarding the wonderful gift of salvation that includes bodily healing.

As in Jesus own day the religious authorities had watered the promises of God, to his children, to the point where the very diseases that were covered under the old covenant and the atonement that was made year after year, were no longer being healed, but were rampant in their midst.

As in that time the religious leaders have even had the audacity to stand in the pulpits of churches across the globe and preach an indictable message suggesting that it is God who has made the people sick.

Over the coming weeks we will look at what people have thought was a conflict between the Old and the New Testament in relation to God and Sickness as a start of the process of helping the people of God develop the faith required to receive their healing.

We will look at all that the promises of God provides for his children, the body of Christ today. We will pray for the sick to be healed. We will lay hands on the sick in accordance with the instruction of Christ himself and we will,l where needed, anoint with oil. But, most importantly we will approach this subject from the perspective that faith must be fed and developed in the truth that it is both God’s desire and his will for you to be healed.


Image: “Autumn Leaves” from Beautiful Morning Nature Free Photos