April 6: The Prayer of Commitment

“Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God. Casting all your cares on him. Because he Cares for You.” 1Peter 5: 6-10

We need to remember that it is always God, Our Father’s desire to fulfil the desires of our heart; if those desires are in line with his will.

This message is a lifesaver for those who will learn its principles. A lifesaver because if we as believers learn to cast, or commit our cares and worries to God and learn to rest in his peace the effects of fear, worry and impatience will be dissipated; the physical and mental turmoil that can lead to physical illness and disease need not be a dominating force in and on our lives.

This form of prayer helps you to learn discipline by learning to leave those cares, once cast into the hands of the Lord, right there in his hands; allowing Him to deal with them as we have asked.

no fishingWe look at the importance of maintaining a positive confession about our life and our circumstances. As well as looking at where the real battle in our lives takes place.

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 Prayer of Commitment

As promised I have prepared a page of Personal Confessions that can be used to change the way you speak and think about what God has to say about you as a believer. It is a good thing to pray the word of God over your own life. This same set of confessions can be used to pray over loved ones, children and others. May they be a blessing to you.   Personal Confessions