April 20: Resurrection Sunday: Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Unlike other cultures and other religions Christians do not have a dead prophet; a dead leader or founder. As a matter of fact Christianity, true Christianity is not a religion at all. Religions have been made out of Christianity, but it is more a nature; a nationality; than an empty set of rituals and rules.

Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, significant enough to be noted by Josephus the Jewish historian and by Philo the Greek historian, to name but two, lived. He was known to be an honourable man; a teacher and a prophet; reputed to have performed miracles and also cause a disturbance in Jerusalem. He was executed, as an innocent man, in the fashion of the worst of criminals. He died and was buried among the rich, in a borrowed tomb. Empty-Tomb-Picture-07

But, the thing that makes this tale different to all of the other mythologies and philosophies out in the mix is the fact that after fulfilling the religious period to be declared officially dead, Jesus rose from the dead and showed himself to a large contingent of his followers for 40 days before his ascension; not as a ghost; but as a fully resurrected and glorified man.

At the meal that is referred to as “The Last Supper” Jesus informed his disciples that he was establishing a “New and Better Covenant.” Since his resurrection he has been alive to ensure that that new covenant is both fulfilled and its promises enforced for those who will only believe and live by faith.

As the final part of this series on “A New and Better Covenant”  the scriptural keys  to beginning to understand the principles that inform and support this new covenant relationship. A relationship that is available to anyone who will simply accept it and say yes; to accept the opportunity to become part of the covenant of strong friendship as a member of God’s very own family.

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I pray that it will be a blessing to you and your whole family.

Christ Is Risen – He Is Risen Indeed