April 18: Good Friday: What Really Happened At The Cross?


Good Friday: April 18: 3.00pm:

What Really Happened at the Cross?

Many Christians have spent time at Good Friday services around the globe year after year. A priest, who is a good friend of mine told me once “There would be enough splinters and relics of the ‘true cross’ to make a forrest.” They have heard the story of Jesus betrayal, conviction and execution many times over. As a result many have stopped listening; switched off.

The thing that is key to understanding what really happened there on the cross at Golgotha, Jerusalem’s midden heap; the place of the skull; is the focus on those words of Jesus: “It is Finished!”

What had finished? What had been accomplished? With his execution his CrucifictionV08disciples were scattered; disheartened and fearful for their  own lives. Sure that they would probably be next, Jesus’ death stunned them all.

“Like a lamb to the slaughter” Jesus was silent throughout the torture. We are told that he was so bruised, beaten and emaciated that he no longer looked human hanging there on the tree; upon the Roman implement of execution reserved for the most heinous of criminals.

What laws, promises, prophecies and rituals did jesus fulfil there; abandoned by the Father himself?  What part did Jesus’ crucifixion play in the establishment of the New Covenant?

Stripped completely naked, without the smallest thread of dignity left to him. His mother, his younger brother and a woman he had saved from being stoned by a mob, were all that remained of his followers at the foot of his crucified body upon that implement of a torturous death.

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What Really Happened at the Cross?