March 23: The Power of Agreement

In this week’s session of Prayer School we looked at the Matt 18: 18-20 passage from a slightly different perspective than usual.

The Amplified Bible changes the terms Binding and Loosing to Unlawful and Lawful and gives a deeper understanding of OUR need to find out the will and character of God to be able to deal with such situations appropriately.


Additionally we came back to the understanding of the need of an intimate relationship with God which will draw us closer to a place where we can agree and be in agreement. The point behind Jesus telling us in Matt 6:33: to “seek to know God and be in right relationship with him and all the rest will take care of itself.”  If we, as the church are more interested in what those around us are doing wrong, then we will find our attention is drawn away from that primary task.

Unless we actually do agree and have the knowledge from God regarding a subject of prayer the prayer of agreement will NOT work. If I’m praying in Faith and you’re hoping something will happen, we are not in agreement.

To download this teaching click on this link:  The Power Of Agreement