Month: March 2014

  • March 30: The Prayers of Petition and Consecration

    In this week’s teaching we look at two types of Prayer. The Prayer of Petition, which is to change things and situations, never people. It is a prayer that is made in Faith because it is based upon the promises of God covering the situation that you are bringing before him. It is a confident, […]

  • March 23: The Power of Agreement

    In this week’s session of Prayer School we looked at the Matt 18: 18-20 passage from a slightly different perspective than usual. The Amplified Bible changes the terms Binding and Loosing to Unlawful and Lawful and gives a deeper understanding of OUR need to find out the will and character of God to be able […]

  • March 16: All Kinds of Prayer

    This week we look at the various kinds of prayer outlined in the bible. We start off with a brief outline of the message from last week as a foundation for this week’s teaching. There is a need to learn how each type of prayer is made, so that it can be effective. We discover […]

  • March 9: Prayer School

    This week saw the beginning of Prayer School at Open Arms Fellowship. We looked at the difference between Praise and Worship and the way each, as distinctly different positions before God have become  confused into one animal called “Worship” suggesting that it’s all one thing. Jehoshaphat from IIChron 20, became a focus as to the way […]

  • Coming Soon: Prayer School

    One of the most misunderstood subjects in the whole of Christian teaching is that of Prayer. So many Christians will say: “I never get my Prayers answered.” Others will exclaim: ” How do I know if God hears my Prayers or not?” Sadly, there are even people who will admit that they’ve “given that whole prayer […]

  • March 2: It is Always God’s Will To Heal

    March 2 2014 It is Always God’s Will To Heal This week we completed the Series we have been studying on The Name of Jesus. The message is entitled It is Always God’s Will To Heal. This teaching looks at the theme of Faith and its importance in receiving Divine Healing. We Also look at the Will […]