Month: March 2014

March 30: The Prayers of Petition and Consecration

In this week’s teaching we look at two types of Prayer.

The Prayer of Petition, which is to change things and situations, never people. It is a prayer that is made in Faith because it is based upon the promises of God covering the situation that you are bringing before him. It is a confident, heartfelt prayer that is prayed with a confident expectation of a result. This form of prayer requires a knowledge of God’s will, as revealed in his word, for the life of his children in this earth.

The Prayer of Consecration, or Dedication, which is the only form of Prayer where the phrase “If it be your will!” is ever used. The example we have from Jesus’ own Christ-in-the-Garden-of-Olives-Paul-Gauguin-1889life is the prayer he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before he faced torture, beatings, crucifixion and death as an innocent man. This kind of prayer would be prayed by someone dedicating their life to the service of God and his people; such as: “Father I dedicate my life to your service and if it be your will even to the mission fields in Africa.”

We must always remember that it is God’s desire that his children live a full and prosperous life, in this world. That is of course in direct proportion to the level at which our souls prosper.

A short message but an important one in learning how to be effective in our prayer life.

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March 23: The Power of Agreement

In this week’s session of Prayer School we looked at the Matt 18: 18-20 passage from a slightly different perspective than usual.

The Amplified Bible changes the terms Binding and Loosing to Unlawful and Lawful and gives a deeper understanding of OUR need to find out the will and character of God to be able to deal with such situations appropriately.


Additionally we came back to the understanding of the need of an intimate relationship with God which will draw us closer to a place where we can agree and be in agreement. The point behind Jesus telling us in Matt 6:33: to “seek to know God and be in right relationship with him and all the rest will take care of itself.”  If we, as the church are more interested in what those around us are doing wrong, then we will find our attention is drawn away from that primary task.

Unless we actually do agree and have the knowledge from God regarding a subject of prayer the prayer of agreement will NOT work. If I’m praying in Faith and you’re hoping something will happen, we are not in agreement.

To download this teaching click on this link:  The Power Of Agreement

March 16: All Kinds of Prayer

Praying hands

This week we look at the various kinds of prayer outlined in the bible.

We start off with a brief outline of the message from last week as a foundation for this week’s teaching.

There is a need to learn how each type of prayer is made, so that it can be effective.

We discover that thereason why some people say that their prayers are never answered may well be due to the fact that they are not praying with either the right motive or the right way.

We take a brief look at Intercessory prayer and the prayer of Faith.

To download the message for yourself click on this link:  All Kinds Of Prayer

March 9: Prayer School

This week saw the beginning of Prayer School at Open Arms Fellowship.

We looked at the difference between Praise and Worship and the way each, as distinctly different positions before God have become  confused into one animal called “Worship” suggesting that it’s all one thing.

Jehoshaphat from IIChron 20, became a focus as to the way those who desire to approach God need to look at ‘How’ they are approaching God.

We looked at the need to allow God to be God all the while maintaining an attitude of Praise. But, most especially in the midst of undesirable circumstances.


Unfortunately the message was not recorded.

Make sure you don’t miss next week!

Coming Soon: Prayer School


One of the most misunderstood subjects in the whole of Christian teaching

Praying hands

is that of Prayer. So many Christians will say: “I never get my Prayers answered.” Others will exclaim: ” How do I know if God hears my Prayers or not?”

Sadly, there are even people who will admit that they’ve “given that whole prayer thing up.” The problem is that God is the first person they turn to when they get themselves into trouble and ask him: “Why did you let that happen to me?”

Over a series of weeks we will look at the principles of prayer. The rules that govern prayer and also, most important of all, what the bible has to tell us  regarding this essential subject in the life of the Christian.

Prayer School will begin Sunday 9 March

March 2: It is Always God’s Will To Heal

March 2 2014

It is Always God’s Will To Heal

This week we completed the Series we have been studying on The Name of Jesus. The message is entitled It is Always God’s Will To Heal.

Faith Cross

This teaching looks at the theme of Faith and its importance in receiving Divine Healing. We Also look at the Will of God and the need to understand the difference between the Perfect and the Permissive will of God. You can download this weeks message, free of charge, by right clicking on the following link and saving to the folder off your choice.             

                                              It Is Always God’s Will To Heal

May you and your friends be blessed by this important message on God’s will for your health.

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